Etna Excursion: Adventure Camp Etna

Such activity is ideal for predetermined groups or for MICE market. It’s possible to carry it out in our “Etna Surviving Park” or in the woods or in an arranged site. Dividing the group in squads, the instructors and the assistants of the disciplines, are going to get the participants involved in the activities.

The structures and the equipment used in the outdoor paths, could be : Thai Boardwalk, Tibetan bridge, Tyrolese bridge, “passaggioalla marinara”, vertical pole, horizontal pole, simple vertical rope, knotted vertical rope, Floating podalic stirrups; Floating hanging trunks; Hanging trapeze, Vertical ratlines, Net footbridge, diagonal rope-ladder, floating horizontal ladder, liana, zip-line, boulder, orienteering, MTB, meeting, lessons and relax.

It’s also possible to set up a camp with tents and toilets.